How to Connect Spotify to the BlackHole App

Connect Spotify to the BlackHole App?

Do you know how to connect Spotify to the BlackHole App? Well, if you are searching best way to connect Spotify and Blackhole on mobile then you are at the right place! We will let you know more about this process in this post. So, read the post completely. 

BlackHole is a newly advanced platform designed for those who love to stream music and songs. We have recently covered a complete guide on this app discovering how it works and why it is getting too many downloads. Currently, it has become a popular app among Android users. We recommend checking it and downloading its latest version.

Today, we will be discussing about how to connect Spotify to the BlackHole App? We will let you know the complete process with detailed steps. So, if you are interested then make sure to go through the complete blog here.

About BlackHole Apk

BlackHole Apk is a privacy-focused tool that creates a secure, encrypted tunnel for your online activities. It’s easy to use, requiring no signup or personal information. 

BlackHole Apk

With no ads and a Stealth Mode to hide your presence, BlackHole ensures a seamless and safe browsing experience. It is a nifty tool designed to keep your online activities private and secure. 

Here’s how it works –

Virtual Tunnel: BlackHole creates a secure path between your device and the internet. This “tunnel” encrypts your data, so even if someone tries to spy on your connection, they won’t be able to see what you’re up to.

No Signup Needed: One of the best things about BlackHole is that you can start using it immediately. There’s no need to sign up or give any personal information. Just download and go!

Ad-Free Experience: You can use BlackHole without worrying about annoying ads interrupting your experience.

Stealth Mode: BlackHole has a special feature called Stealth Mode. This helps hide your online presence, which is especially useful if you want to access content that’s restricted in your area

User-Friendly: BlackHole APK is easy to use but offers powerful protection for your privacy.

For more details on BlackHole’s features, check out this blog. Stay safe and enjoy a hassle-free online experience with BlackHole!

Connecting Spotify to BlackHole App

To know how to Connect Spotify to the BlackHole App? Keep reading this post. As we know, this app is an open-source virtual audio driver for macOS, so follow these steps. The goal is to route Spotify’s audio output to another application or record it using BlackHole.

Connect Spotify to the BlackHole App

Steps to Connect Spotify to the BlackHole App on macOS

You can connect Spotify to BlackHole app on macOS by following these steps:

  • Download and install the BlackHole virtual audio driver from the official GitHub page. 
  • Follow the installation instructions provided there.
  • Create a Multi-Output Device
  • Open Audio MIDI Setup on your Mac (found in Applications > Utilities).
  • Click the ‘+’ button at the bottom left and choose ‘Create Multi-Output Device’.
  • Check the boxes for both ‘BlackHole 2ch’. 
  • And your Mac’s internal speakers or other desired output.
  • Optionally, rename this device for easier identification.
  • Set Spotify to Use Multi-Output Device
  • Open System Preferences > Sound > Output.
  • Select the newly created Multi-Output Device as the output device.
  • Route Spotify’s Audio through BlackHole
  • Open Spotify and start playing music.
  • The audio will now be routed through BlackHole. 
  • Also, play through your regular speakers (or other output devices).
  • Use BlackHole for Recording or Further Processing

If you want to record Spotify’s audio or send it to another application, set that application to receive audio input from BlackHole. For example, if you’re using an application like Audacity to record audio, set its input source to ‘BlackHole 2ch’ in the preferences or input settings.

  • Go to the BlackHole GitHub page and download the installer.
  • Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • You might need to allow system extensions in the Security & Privacy settings.
  • Creating a Multi-Output Device
  • Launch the Audio MIDI Setup application.
  • Click the ‘+’ button and select ‘Create Multi-Output Device’.
  • In the right panel, check ‘BlackHole 2ch’.
  • Also, your desired regular output (e.g., MacBook Pro Speakers).
  • Drag ‘BlackHole 2ch’ to the top to set it as the primary device.
  • You can also rename the device for clarity by double-clicking on its name.
  • Setting Output Device in System Preferences
  • Go to System Preferences > Sound > Output.
  • Select the newly created Multi-Output Device from the list.

Routing and Recording

Open Spotify and you’ll hear the audio through your normal speakers and BlackHole simultaneously. For recording, open the recording application (e.g., QuickTime, Audacity) and set the input device to BlackHole 2ch. To know How to Connect Spotify to the BlackHole App? You have to follow the shared steps.

Using BlackHole with Other Applications

Besides using the BlackHole by connecting the Spotify, you can also use it with other devices as well. It is very commonly seen from the user’s end that they are not able to connect this application with Spotify. In this case, you can try some other applications also. 

Here are two common applications that you can connect and use with the BlackHole app:

QuickTime Player

To connect Quick Time Player with BlackHole, follow these steps: 

  • Open QuickTime Player.
  • Go to File > New Audio Recording.
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the record button and select BlackHole 2ch as the input.
  • Click the record button to start recording Spotify’s audio.


To connect Audacity with BlackHole, follow these steps: 

  • Open Audacity.
  • Go to Audacity > Preferences > Devices.
  • Set the Recording Device to BlackHole 2ch.
  • Start recording, and Audacity will capture the audio from Spotify.


This was our detailed guide on ‘How to Connect Spotify to the BlackHole App?’

After reading the above-shared blog, you will be able to experience a safe and premium music streaming experience on your phone. The best thing about this is, that we have already shared another guide on how to download BlackHole mod apk for free. This means, that all the shared features can be accessed free of cost. 

So, make sure to connect and use the Blackhole Spotify easily. 

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