BlackHole Apk Changelogs

BlackHole Apk Changelogs

Searching for BlackHole APK Changelogs? You are at the right place, we will let you know more about the BlackHole Apk in this post. Check the full blog below.

BlackHole is a globally popular music streaming application for all devices. But it is mostly used by mobile users. The interface and music gallery of this application make it one of the best music apps on the internet. 

The term changelogs refers to updates and features users can experience on different versions of the application. For this, one has to download a mod version. Where you can get many additional benefits than the regular version, and of course free of cost. 

So, in this blog, we have shared a complete review of BlackHole APK Changelogs. By reading the updates available on different versions, you will be able to download the application for free. For this, you have to read the complete guide till last. 

About BlackHole Apk

The BlackHole Apk recently received numerous updates to enhance user experience and fix various issues. Downloading songs from YouTube is now more reliable and faster. 

Importing playlists from YouTube, Spotify, and JioSaavn works smoothly, with JioSaavn playlists now playing correctly. The search function has improved: the keyboard hides properly, only relevant results play, and the delete button is visible. 

BlackHole Apk Changelogs

Synced lyrics display correctly, and playlist search background colours are fixed. Full-screen artist images now show on devices with notches, and the status bar colour matches the app theme. 

The MiniPlayer option is available in settings, and volume gesture controls are better. 

These updates make the app more user-friendly and efficient. You can download the application from our post, for free.

Features of All BlackHole Apk Changelogs

Here are the regular features you can explore on the BlackHole Apk Changelogs.  

High-Quality Music Downloads

This app allows users to download high-quality music from various streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify, and JioSaavn.

Playlist Management

Users can import playlists from multiple platforms, organize them, and manage their music collections seamlessly.

Gesture Controls

The app includes intuitive gesture controls for adjusting volume and navigating through the player screen.

Cross-Platform Sync

BlackHole APK offers synchronization across different devices, including Android, iOS, and macOS, ensuring users have a consistent experience.

Customizable Themes

The app provides various themes and customization options, including dynamic status bar colours and full-screen artist images, enhancing the visual experience.

MOD Versions of BlackHole Apk

Here are the mod versions available for BlackHole APK:


  • Resolved the issue of random songs playing from playlists containing YouTube songs.
  • Introduced additional player background gradient options.
  • Made minor UI fixes and changes.
  • Added a new synced lyrics source: Lrclib.
  • Fixed YouTube home page issues in certain regions.
  • Resolved keyboard not closing during the search.
  • Fixed YouTube import.
  • Spotify public playlist import.
  • Fixed restore failures in certain cases.
  • Prevented the same song from being added multiple times in YouTube autoplay.
  • Exposes endpoint to directly search song via url redirects.


  • Addressed the radio button not appearing for songs.
  • Fixed the status bar color not updating according to the theme on some devices.
  • Ensured the upcoming song appears at the top in the Up Next queue.
  • Made the dense MiniPlayer visible in settings.
  • Enhanced gesture controls for volume on the player screen.
  • Eliminated irrelevant songs being imported.
  • Corrected the landscape padding issue on notch screens.
  • Fixed downloads not appearing on iOS.
  • Resolved backup issues on iOS.
  • Fixed local music not showing on iOS.
  • Organized downloads, databases, cache, and other paths on macOS.
  • Fixed the app language resetting to device default upon restart.
  • Resolved overflow issues on the YouTube Home Screen for devices with slimmer widths.
  • Ensured YouTube returns high quality when selected.


  • Combined Saavn, YtMusic, and YouTube search functionalities.
  • Added top result to YtMusic search.
  • Introduced a “view all” option for YtMusic songs.
  • Added the option to rearrange songs in playlists.
  • Introduced a data saver feature.
  • Fixed proxy issues (VPN is no longer required for users outside India; simply enable the proxy in app settings).
  • Resolved multiple share pop-ups.
  • Corrected lyrics display when songs change rapidly.
  • Fixed duration display in Song Info.
  • Fixed the issue of importing the same playlist twice.
  • Resolved MiniPlayer UI issues.
  • Fixed App UI settings not opening for some users.
  • Removed empty playlists from the home screen.
  • Fixed playback issues for certain podcasts.


  • Fixed backup feature not working on iOS.
  • Fixed local music not showing on iOS.
  • Fixed disorganized paths for downloads, databases, cache, and other files on macOS.
  • Fixed app language resetting to default when restarting.
  • Fixed overflow issue on YouTube Home Screen for narrower devices.
  • Fixed YouTube returning low quality when high quality was selected.
  • Fixed app not auto-downloading updates.
  • Fixed different cache being used for YouTube Music recommendations.
  • Fixed YouTube data appearing instead of YouTube Music recommendations.
  • Fixed Saavn downloads getting corrupted on iOS.
  • Improved volume gesture controls.


  • Fixed incomplete YouTube song downloads.
  • Improved slow YouTube download speeds.
  • Fixed issues importing YouTube playlists.
  • Fixed issues importing Spotify public playlists.
  • Fixed JioSaavn playlists not playing after import.
  • Fixed the keyboard not hiding when selecting suggestions during search.
  • Fixed only showing results when searching within playlists.
  • Fixed missing delete button in playlist search.
  • Fixed problems with synced lyrics.
  • Fixed background colour issue in playlist search.
  • Fixed missing artist image on full screen for devices with notches.
  • Fixed the radio button not appearing for songs.
  • Fixed the status bar colour not changing with the theme on some devices.
  • Fixed upcoming songs not appearing at the top in the Up Next queue.
  • Fixed dense MiniPlayer option missing in settings.
  • Improved gesture controls for volume on the player screen.
  • Fixed irrelevant songs getting imported.
  • Fixed padding issues in landscape mode on notch screens.
  • Fixed downloads not appearing on iOS.

Other Versions of BlackHole Apk

  • V1.15.6
  • V1.15.5
  • V1.15.3
  • V1.15.2
  • V1.15.1
  • V1.15.0
  • V1.14.0
  • V1.13.0
  • v1.12.0

Is Mod Version Safe?

Generally, most of the mod versions are not harmful towards any devices. But as they are downloaded from third-party sources, not the official ones, we can’t know when it created on your phone. So, using any mod version of any application is not so recommended. 

We are here to share complete details related to the topic, and we do not promote any hack or crack application. By reading the mentioned mod features, if you found it useful, then you can download the version.  

You can also download the basic version from the Google Play Store.


This was our detailed guide on BlackHole APK Changelogs! 

Above we have tried to cover all the necessary details on this application, which you needed to know. Also, the shared steps in this blog will lead you to download the application for free. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the shared steps and download the application now! 

What are your views on this music application? Share with us in the comment section.